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Members' Announcements

Welcome to the EAPN Members' Announcements Page

Under Members’ Announcements you can draw attention to initiatives such as a new reading or peer supervision group, or a job opportunity. 


Or you can invite colleagues to join you in setting up a new local peer group or a Special Interest Group with its own dedicated chat space, or advertise your own wish to find a peer group relevant to your own needs and interests.


Last but not least, this is where you can put your own comments and suggestions.

For example: 


What developments would you like to see to take the EAPN forward?   


Is there a subject you would like us to address in a Conference, Webinar or Seminar series? 


What else would you like to see happening in the region or in your own locality?


We welcome all ideas and proposals from our Members.  


Simply put forward a request to make an announcement or proposal on this page using the Members' Announcement Form

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Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.
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