Facts in the Recesses of Feeling:The Roots of Analytic Thought

BB Zeitlyn Psychotherapy Training Fund

Speaker: Katerina Sarafidou

Saturday 5 November 2022

11:00 – 14:00 GMT


Wolfson College, University of Cambridge, Barton Road, Cambridge, CB3 9BB



About this event

This talk aims to introduce the historical and philosophical foundations of psychoanalysis and analytical psychology as a way of providing a fuller contextual understanding of key concepts, texts and clinical practices, and the critical framework through which they emerged. We will be looking at the development of analytic practice through the synthesis of scientific materialism and the romantic movement at the end of the 18th century. We will trace the roots of analytic ideas and techniques as early as in classical and pre-classical thought, and explore their role and relevance in the 21st century.

About Our Speaker

Katerina Sarafidou is the Jungian Head of Research and former Jungian Director of the MSc Psychodynamics of Human Development run by Birkbeck College and the British Psychotherapy Foundation. She is an honorary member of the British Jungian Analytic Association and is carrying out academic research at the Warburg Institute on Jungian theory and German aesthetics. She is one of the three founders of The Circle of Analytical Psychology, which offers a 2-year course of study on Jung’s Liber Novus.

Registration and Coffee from 10.30am

To attend in person tickets cost £50 (including lunch)

To attend online tickets cost £35

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