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Dream Workshops

The first series of six workshops will be held monthly, from 30th April., chaired by Tim Fox.

In this series, each workshop will include the reading and discussion of a classic or contemporary paper on Dreams and their interpretation, beginning with Freud’s landmark papers and moving on to later works that inform and develop our understanding of dreams and their significance in mental life and in the clinical work we undertake..

Each workshop will also provide an opportunity to present and discuss dreams encountered in our own work with patients / clients, whether this is familiar territory or whether working with dreams is something unfamiliar that you would like to know more about and feel more confidence about.

Although applications for the first series are now closed, you can register interest in attending a repeat of the series which we hope to put on in 2022/2023. To register interest you can contact me on

Photo by Christina Deravedisian on Unsplash

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